Welcome to
Firehouse Brewing Company 

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Firehouse Brewing Company is the name of our homebrewery and was established in 1998.

Firehouse Brewing Company started  in the basement of our old house.  We convert a room that once was used as a darkroom for developing black & white pictures to a room now used for developing fermented beverages.  Here's a quick visual tour from the original location...

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After 16 years in our first house, we purchased our second home in May of 2000.  With a much bigger basement, gave room for expansion for Firehouse Brewing Company. 
Here's a quick visual tour of our new brewing area:

The NEW Firehouse
Brewing Company

Mash Tun &
Boiling Kettle

Some grain waiting
to be mashed

Kettles and Pails

Wort Chiller sitting on sink

Another overall view

Homebrewing and computing
in the 21st Century

The final Resting Place


More picture to come

        Here are some of our creations: 

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stout.jpg (32200 bytes)    pikepole.jpg (41754 bytes)

More to come....